John A. Clark: Speaking from Experience

Friendly, Deep, Natural and Sexy are four words that best describe John’s voice.

An outdoorsman from the Pacific Coast John's voice carries an innate authenticity and a remarkable depth, complemented by his love for storytelling.  With a smart and confident approach, John doesn't just narrate a tale; he immerses you in a firsthand experience that's both relatable and warmly inviting.


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A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Film and Screenwriting, John's life has taken him around the globe as an athlete, businessman, and, of course, an explorer. These diverse experiences have cultivated a richness and authenticity that resonates through his remarkable voice.

A Legacy of Eloquence: John was born into a family steeped in the art of eloquence, with a lineage tracing back to Alexander Hamilton. His Grandmother served as a State Congresswoman in Colorado, and his Father was a renowned Trial Lawyer. These influences instilled in him the power of persuasive communication.

Discover the vocal artistry of John A. Clark – Speaking from Experience.


  • John has a Broadcast quality recording studio with Source Connect
  • Directed Sessions - Zoom
  • Rapid response and turn around
  • Available for in-person auditions in California


  • Ed Berdnarczyk
  • Chuck Duran


  • University California Santa Barbara
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies


John A. Clark: Speaking from Experience

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